Monday, March 12, 2007

first post!

OMG! What do I do now????? I'm good at reading blogs but I never thought I'd actually have one. Why am I even doing this??? Oh well, here I go!

Avid knitter, J was complaining tonight that all I ever do is read about knitting, go to stores for knitting, look on the internet at knitting and what about her? When will I pay attention to her? Well, I really can't knit now anyway cuz of Repetitive Stress Syndrome. Repetitive Stress Syndrome in my left hand...I am a righty and I throw my yarn with my right hand. About the only thing I do with my left hand is hold the needle, that and pick up a pot at the stove which impossible with Repetitive Stress Syndrome. So now I see a chiro who does Active Release Technique, which hurts like hell and I hate it but it might be working. That and a brace and I see those needles coming back to me!

Oh and J? I pay way too much attention to her anyway! She just ordered a sweater for herself. Gray, super tight, long, with long sleeves to cover hands. She will at least wear sweaters I make her...

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